3 Tips to Improve Your Writing

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Okay students, are you feeling overwhelmed with that writing assignment you’ve just been given? Or perhaps you chose a topic you felt could be fun to write about. Either way, I’m positive you will find that the best way to approach any writing assignment is to connect with the subject, or subject, itself. The best way to connect with your topic will determine the quality of your writing project.

For simplicity’s sake we may use the example of writing about hamsters, and then of course, this may apply if you’re writing about the zebra, the squid, the seahorse, or perhaps some significant city.

Knowing something about your subject is always helpful, but even if you don’t, these three valuable writing strategies will still provide you with a jump-start on your topic. The combination of the following three tips may be summarized in two words’information gathering’.

The best way to approach writing on any subject is to follow the three composing strategies for a great paper.

Consider your personal expertise: Ask yourself if you have any personal experience with this specific topic. In the example of a hamster, did you have a hamster when you were growing up? Have you got any photos of you and your hamster? Do you remember the requirements to look after your hamster? What about its characteristics? Since hamsters are nocturnal, did the spinning hamster wheel keep you awake at night till you got used to the sound?
Conduct your own research: If someone handed you a bunch of papers with information regarding your topic, I can guarantee you that you would not find that information as intriguing as gathering that information yourself. The resources available for gathering those facts about your topic are extensive; everything from library books to internet research, and even newspaper and/or magazine articles with photographs are filled with very useful information.
Interview people: Consider conducting some interviews with people who have possessed the sort of pet that you’re writing about. You’ll be surprised to find that people are very willing to share their experience with you, especially when you tell them you are writing a paper on that specific subject.
All the above tips might be applied to any topic, whether it is a seahorse, a significant city, a sculpture, a nation, or maybe a movie. The choices you have are as varied as the subjects themselves. Combining the three composing strategies mentioned above will surely permit you to gather enough information for a very interesting writing project.

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